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Sunday, 22 November 2015


Ok so being totally honest here but I really dislike the No7 Foundation. Mine is in the lightest shade which is Cool Vanilla and I don't like heavy products on my face and that is exactly what this foundation is. in my opinion it's heavy on the face, you always know it's there and I don't really like the blend. For a full coverage you either have it badly plastered on your face or you blend it so it doesn't cover anything. Now seeing as this my second ever foundation I can't really suggest a different one however I'm planning on trying out the RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION foundation because I've heard good comments about it but that's it for now.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


1. If you are absolutely rubbish at eyeliner and have tries liquid, gel, pencil and many more types of eyeliner but you can still not do it then here is your life's solution:

USING FACEPAINT!!!!! Ok so I know your all probably like: what the hell, but I tried it on Halloween and my eyeliner was nearly perfect it was the best I'd ever done it and it's so easy to remove. So next time you have FACEPAINT on you try it and see how cool it is to know you can do eyeliner. 

2. If your doing a sharp eyeliner look but you can't get the eyeshadow sharp enough than here is what you have to do: 

USE CELOTAPE!!!!! Before you do your eyeshadow put a bit on your face at the angle you want you eyeshadow to be at and take it off when your done. P.S. This works for even eyeliner flicks too.

3. When you do your water-line liner and you get so frustrated because it comes off during the day than here is your solution: 

USING EYESHADOW!!!!!!!! Do your waterline as normal than go over it with a matching eyeshadow. This will act like a setting powder therefore ensuring it stays on all day.

4. The agony of curling your lashes, which I don't actually do, but them not staying curled. 

HAIRDRY/BLOWDRY THEM!!!!!! Do this for about 10 seconds and the curl your lashes. The heat actually sets the shape of them so try that out and see if it works cause i haven't as coo u do.

5. U neat eyebrows.

CONCEALER!!!! When you've done your eyebrows that go around the shape of them with a concealer so the shape is neat and tidy. DISCLAMER; make sure you use a concealer that matches your skin, not lighter because you don't want to highlight all around your brows. 

Hope these are useful :)☺️

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Ok so firstly I'd like to start with I don't really wear makeup, only when I do dance and drama schows but other than that I don't wear it. Secondly I don't want to offend anyone with this post its only my opinion and if you like a brand that I do t then go ahead and keep on using it this is just my opinion.

So if your knew at makeup like I am and want to start wearing it then you'll probably want a small budget. So somewhere like Boots or Superdry, any drugstore is good but here's a few brands and products I'd suggest: 







                                           THE BALM JOVI ROCKSTAR PALATTE

LIPSTICK - Loreal do really good lipsticks, so do Soap and Glory but it comes down to what colour you want and preference. 

Hope you find this useful 


Saturday, 19 September 2015


So I don't know about you but there have been so so so many times where I've been in TOTAL EMBARRASMENT at school so this post is going to show you how to live through it and not be ashamed.


EVENT - So basically your late for class, the bells gone and your running down the stairs at FULL SPEED and you suddenly trip or drop everything. And next thing you know all the other people on the staircase are falling down one after the other like dominoes. (Yeah not good) 

SOLUTION - but  anyway you can't reverse what just happened so you have to just live with it and forget about it. don't be ashamed, don't get all flustered just say sorry and walk off to class with Pride.

2. "POOP SHY"πŸ’©

EVENT - So we've all been there where we need to do out bussines and go to the bathroom with relief but then there's either somebody in the bathroom already of somebody walks in and you can't do what you need to do because your afraid, your "poop shy" πŸ’© 

SOLITION - EITHER 1. Do the "flush and go" this is where you flush and do what you need to do.
2. Get like 5 or 6 sheets of toilet paper and stuff it down the toilet. this means there's a base for your droppings to land in so that means the sound will not exist.


EVENT - Ok so you're one of those people who always bring you homework in on time and you do it to an amazing/good standard however on this one occasion you happened to have forgotten your homework. Yh not really that good but then the teacher calls out everybody's names and asks if you have your homework and you say yes out of habit. Now when she goes to collect it you suddenly remember again that you don't have it.

SOLUTION - Well don't worry because if you're one of those good students then go and talk to the teacher in the morning and explain the you've forgotten you're homework rather than turning up to the lesson without any and this way at least they know and can maybe say "bring it in tomorrow".

Saturday, 12 September 2015


first day:
So you imagine going in hair on fleek having all the best school supplies and being on time and all your friends being there but then............
Your late getting up, can't find half of your uniform, have no time to do your hair, forgot to buy a lot of school supplies and none of. Your friends are there because they're either 1. Still on holiday or 2. Off sick.

And then there's the classes, so you imagine going in getting the right seat, and getting no homework because all your teachers want you to relax and slowly approach working hard again but then.........
You get set a piece of homework every lesson because your teachers think it's how you can get back into the swing of things and then they're all about an hour long so after school all you do is work, eat, work, shower, work.

So lastly there's lockers, ugh I can't stress about lockers enough at my school, but anyway you imagine a top locker next to someone you like, it's perfectly clean, doesn't smell,and it's not by a bathroom, yh we'll likely hood of thats is 1% 
So I got assigned a top locker but that had an old sandwich in it with tea split everywhere and a mouldy Apple in it.........yh I had no comment exept " I'm not using that can I PLEASE get a new one"
So she assigns me with a new locker but that one is locked so I have to find a new one so in the end I stole one that was underneath my friends.

Comment below if any of these has happened to you before :)
so first week of school but piles of home work but I guess that's just life. But anyway for this post I'm gonna do a back to school EXPECTATIONS vs REALITY OF BACK 2 SCHOOL, which will be in another post straight after this.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


so today I went shopping with my friend and I did just a bit of stationary shopping, it's not that much but I had a lot already - ps. Super dry bag is from London when I went on the way to Turkey :)
I Brought 

Flexible Ruler 
2 Standard  Pencils 
Extra Dessert  Delights gum
Pilot Fricton Pen + Cartridges 
12 Part organiser 
A4 Notebook
10 Subject Notebook

Ok so I know I haven't posted in ages but that's because of Turkey!!! I came home yesterday and just lounged around for the rest of the day because where I live it rains so so so much in the uk and in Turkey it's like 35 degrees so I miss it. shout out ~ to Hilton dalaman resort and spa, where we stayed , it was soooo amazing and I loved every minute!!:) Also we went to other places which were so beautiful. (A few cities and the blue lagoon) anyway I'm back now and will post pictures because I feel the need to share them. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Ok so on the plane to Turkey right now and I'm buzzing with excitement :):):):):):):):):):) Yes it is 4 hours and a bit long but it's not all that bad even if the Monach plane I'm on doesn't have TVs. But I guess it'll be so worth it when we land as I'll be in Turkey. ( BTW I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging I don't mean to) I don't know what we'll do when we get there but we land in Dalaman and our hotel (Hilton) is 10 mins away:) so I'll keep you updated :)☺️

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Ok so day In London, catching a red eye and going to bed at what 12:30 and I woke up at 6:41 grrrrrrr. But today I guess will be super exciting as I'm catching a flight to Turkey yey :):):):):):):):) ah and I get to go to all the airport stores and the tomorrow I should be swimming in a pool! Anyway after my holiday there will be a haul of everything I brought so look out for that! 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ok so you know when you have to get up early but you end up waking up earlier than you need to well yeah I kinda did that but woke up at 05:59 am so I'm stuck and lost with what to do and everyone else is asleep 😬
Ok so 2 days of surf school up and I'm already shattered but day 3 today should still be great but oh my goodness yesterday's waves were amaze, gigantic they were so cool anyway will have to see how I go today as there's supposed to be good surf this morning πŸ„

Friday, 31 July 2015

so France over with and it was the best, ice cream🍦 burger, pain au chocolat and riding carousels! 'twas the best 😊😍
so I guess I can say I'm on a mini holiday as I'm off to France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· for the day. but I guess every up has a down.........I have to catch 2 boats to get there which doesn't seem that bad - unless you have a fear of boats then I guess your in trouble😳 well at least it's i sunny day because can you imagine sailing in the rain and the going to have a what should be wonderful lunch but you turn up soaking and bringing the rain in with you, yeah not a good look ☀️ anyway I'm on the 2 no boat now and only have 2 hours to go and I'm trying to sleep but there's a crying baby yippee! and I had to wake up at half four. ugh.

Monday, 27 July 2015

huh so hopefully last day of grim cloud because the rest of he week is supposed to be  sunny yeyπŸ˜„☀️ so I wonder what I'll do today but tomorrow hopefully the beach πŸŒ΄πŸ„
ugh monday morning and I can't even move I mean who wants to get out of bed, the bed that's warm and snuggley, well I don't and my guess is ill be here for some time because I think the weather is poo πŸ’© ligit like rain lots of wi d and clouds and it's the middle of summer!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

14 days...... Till Turkey ✈️
so first post and first week of summer over huh. but at least there's 5 more to look forward to. except this rainy sunday. but then again this week will be good, next week there's surf school and then there's turkey to look forwards to. so I guess there's stuff to look forward to on the worst of days.