Saturday, 14 November 2015


1. If you are absolutely rubbish at eyeliner and have tries liquid, gel, pencil and many more types of eyeliner but you can still not do it then here is your life's solution:

USING FACEPAINT!!!!! Ok so I know your all probably like: what the hell, but I tried it on Halloween and my eyeliner was nearly perfect it was the best I'd ever done it and it's so easy to remove. So next time you have FACEPAINT on you try it and see how cool it is to know you can do eyeliner. 

2. If your doing a sharp eyeliner look but you can't get the eyeshadow sharp enough than here is what you have to do: 

USE CELOTAPE!!!!! Before you do your eyeshadow put a bit on your face at the angle you want you eyeshadow to be at and take it off when your done. P.S. This works for even eyeliner flicks too.

3. When you do your water-line liner and you get so frustrated because it comes off during the day than here is your solution: 

USING EYESHADOW!!!!!!!! Do your waterline as normal than go over it with a matching eyeshadow. This will act like a setting powder therefore ensuring it stays on all day.

4. The agony of curling your lashes, which I don't actually do, but them not staying curled. 

HAIRDRY/BLOWDRY THEM!!!!!! Do this for about 10 seconds and the curl your lashes. The heat actually sets the shape of them so try that out and see if it works cause i haven't as coo u do.

5. U neat eyebrows.

CONCEALER!!!! When you've done your eyebrows that go around the shape of them with a concealer so the shape is neat and tidy. DISCLAMER; make sure you use a concealer that matches your skin, not lighter because you don't want to highlight all around your brows. 

Hope these are useful :)☺️

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