Saturday, 12 September 2015


first day:
So you imagine going in hair on fleek having all the best school supplies and being on time and all your friends being there but then............
Your late getting up, can't find half of your uniform, have no time to do your hair, forgot to buy a lot of school supplies and none of. Your friends are there because they're either 1. Still on holiday or 2. Off sick.

And then there's the classes, so you imagine going in getting the right seat, and getting no homework because all your teachers want you to relax and slowly approach working hard again but then.........
You get set a piece of homework every lesson because your teachers think it's how you can get back into the swing of things and then they're all about an hour long so after school all you do is work, eat, work, shower, work.

So lastly there's lockers, ugh I can't stress about lockers enough at my school, but anyway you imagine a top locker next to someone you like, it's perfectly clean, doesn't smell,and it's not by a bathroom, yh we'll likely hood of thats is 1% 
So I got assigned a top locker but that had an old sandwich in it with tea split everywhere and a mouldy Apple in it.........yh I had no comment exept " I'm not using that can I PLEASE get a new one"
So she assigns me with a new locker but that one is locked so I have to find a new one so in the end I stole one that was underneath my friends.

Comment below if any of these has happened to you before :)

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