Thursday, 25 February 2016



TURNING IT ON: Okay so first things first I turn the shower on and stand in it for about 2 minutes, (unless I'm in a rush) because I really like the warm water for some unknown reason. 

SHAMPOO: So when I decide to wash my hair I normally use the Garnier Honey Treasures Shampoo because I love how it smells and it makes my hair really nice. But I'll use quite a bit of shampoo so that it will foam nicely in my hair. Then I'll just rinse it off.

CONDITIONER: After shampooing my hair I'll condition my hair. And I'll do this with the Garnier Honey Treasures Conditioner. Now this just makes your hair so so so silky and smell nice (like the shampoo) and I just love it. 

BODY WASH: Lastly I'll wash my body. And I know that people normally do this first but I feel like all the dirt from your hair washes down your body so it's just going to get mucky again. Although I'm not saying you have to do it in this order it's just how I do it. But anyway I use a variety of body washes and don't really have one certain one but I really like the Imperial Lether Marsh Mallow Shower Cream. This is absolutely the best smelling body wash ever!!! It smells so sos so amazing and it leaves silky skin and I must love it altogether. 

BODY SCRUB: Now I don't usually scrub my body but when I do I like to use the Happy Jackson body scrub, I think it's Mango and "Something" but I don't really know. Anyway I'll just get like a mit or scrubbing thingee or a flannel and scrub away at my body then rinse it off. 

So that's it for my shower routine and it's really boring but hey ho. 


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